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Matthew 9,9

Friday, 19 April 2013

Fr John Maitland Moir's Funeral

Dear Friends,

Father John Maitland Moir reposed in peace on the 16th April at 12:48 am.
His death was peaceful and saintly; just as was his life.
May we have his blessing.

Fr John Maitland Moir's Funeral Service will take place in St Peter's Scottish Episcopal Church (Lutton Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9PE) (our Orthodox Chapel would have been too small for this occasion), on Wednesday the 24th of April at 1:30 pm.

The burial will take place at the Dean Cemetery (63 Dean Path, Edinburgh EH4 3AT) at 3:30 pm.
 Fr John's body will lay in St Andrews Orthodox Church on Tuesday the 23rd of April from11 am until the next day for people to pay their respects as there will not be enough time for that on Wednesday.
On Tuesday night a Vigil will be kept with readings from the Gospels and Psalms.
On Wednesday morning at 10:30 am Vespers with Presanctified Divine Liturgy will be served (this means there will not be Vespers on Wednesday evening) following which we will make our way to St Peter's for the Funeral Service.

With love in Christ


  1. We had the opportunity of meeting Fr John both at home in Edinburgh and in Thessaloniki which he used to visit every year after Easter, en route to Mt Athos, while his health still allowed it. His handwritten Christmas wishes, so humbly set, were always treasured. We were saddened to hear about his passing and pray for his "good confession" before Christ. May his blessings be with us always.
    Dr & Mrs A. Papagiannis, Thessaloniki, Greece

  2. Fr John will greatly be missed from our family..Whenever he was visiting Athens,he was living in our house..he used to have plenty of visitors everyday from any area of Greece..people loved him very much and wanted his blessings..We will never forget you father John.Rest in peace of Christ.
    Dr A.Pletsas and family

  3. Rest in peace Father John you will be sadlly missed i will never forget you :(((

  4. Father John was my godfather and I was very saddened to hear about his death today from my uncle in Edinburgh. He was an amazing humble man who always made time to see me when he was in London. Rest in peace. Liz Somerville

  5. You might want to correct the date of Fr's departure from this world. He passed away on 17 April 2013. The time is correct.